Project region

The project region: Boanmadumasi
At the Huttel Health and Development Centre

The “Huttel Health and Development Centre” is situated in Boamadumasi in the southern part of the country, about 170 km north of the coast and 750 km north of the equator. Five villages and several small settlements surround Boanmadumasi. The next small town is 25 kilometers away, the country's second biggest city, Kumasi, is located about 55 kilometers away. The people of the region belong to the group of the Akan (Ashanti, Fanti and Brong), which make up for 45% of the population. The Akan-group’s language is Twi. Few people in rural Ghana speak the official language English. Besides the official governmental system, a traditional system of power exists, which includes a king and a council of elders on village and district level.  

About 1.000 inhabitants live in Boamadumasi. The surrounding communities and remote settlements are home to another 5.000 people. From Boamadumasi, most of the other villages can be reached by foot, some only after many hours of walking through the bush (left-overs of the rain forest which once existed, consisting of high grass, bushes and partly tropical forest).  

People live in extreme poverty. They mainly live on subsistence agriculture and farm plantain, cassava, tomatoes and cacao. Small surpluses are sold on local markets at fluctuating prices to generate income for necessary purchases.  

As a result of the low income most people cannot afford the health care services in the nearest district hospital. Apart from the relatively costly (and still insufficient) health care services, patients also have to pay high public transport prices. 

The standard of local schools is below the average. Schools are lacking teachers and material. Most of the kids do not attend school for long, as they often have to work at home. In teenage years, many of them leave for the cities to look for a better life. Furthermore, basic infrastructure for drinking water and waste water disposal is lacking.