The organisation and its goals

The goal of FHN is the improvement of health status and living conditions of low-income groups in least developed countries.  

To reach our goals, we work with local communities in need to jointly develop sustainable solutions. These communities get support in developing sustainable, stable primary healthcare by running health centres and vaccination campaigns, among others. 

In addition, we support projects related with health education, such as safe drinking water, prevention of STDs and healthy lifestyle. On site, we work with motivated, local volunteers in different positions: community health workers (CHWs), members of the local health committee, etc. There are also local employees as well as international volunteers, who contribute substantially to the organization.  

Whenever possible, we use renewable energy.

Step-by-step the projects are led towards a sustainable independence, supported by the village communities, which is our aim in the long run. However, if needed, FHN will ensure long-term support.